Beach Tales

11 May 19 - 21:50

Daily Roundup: The Fight for Gold

Last night, whilst most teams partied the night away, eight teams had an early night in preparation for the for their final games. As the teams set up their lines in the sand today, the sun was shining, and the pressure was on. Among both the physical and mental battles that took place, here’s what [...]
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11 May 19 - 21:39

How Spain made the leap

There are a number of nations who did well at the European Beach Ultimate Championships. Russia, Great Britain and Sweden all go home with golds in two divisions, while Latvia entered only one division and took home a medal – a nice strike rate. The country which had the best week here in Portimao, though, [...]
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10 May 19 - 21:29

Daily roundup: medals decided and finals set

Welcome to the penultimate daily roundup post from Portimao, where almost all of the medals have now been decided. The four finals happening tomorrow are now the only things left for beach Ultimate fans to wonder about. Let’s take a moment to go over what happened today and what the final standings are looking like. [...]
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10 May 19 - 19:00

Currier Island Development Field- A Great Success

In the lead up to EBUC a post was written on the role of Currier Island at the European championships. Jim Scott had been in conversation with Sofia C Pereira about how Currier Island could give back to the Ultimate community and help with the tournament’s aim of having positive impact on Portimao. The result [...]
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10 May 19 - 18:00

Russia in the Running for Three Gold Medals

Not many people would naturally associate Russia with beaches. Russia’s women however, in the women’s and mixed division are making it very difficult not to make this connection. Watching these women over the last few days has been nothing short of immense. With the level of athleticism and discipline they’ve brought to Portimao’s beaches, it’s [...]
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10 May 19 - 17:46

The best kits at EBUC

It’s time to talk about the really serious part of this tournament. Everyone spends time training, preparing and getting themselves ready to compete at a high level, sure, but what we really all care about is who looks good whatever they’re doing on the sand. As always, there are some really cool jerseys at this [...]
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10 May 19 - 00:55

Division roundup: what’s happened so far in the mixed division?

There are a number of divisions at EBUC 2019 where the pre-tournament favourites are doing well. The British grandmasters, the French mixed masters, the Swedish men's masters, these teams were all tipped for glory and are so far on that path. The mixed division, though, was the closest to call ahead of the games beginning. [...]
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10 May 19 - 00:23

Game review: women’s masters semi-final is instant classic

The teams in the semi-finals of the women’s masters division had already played each other given the round robin format of the first part of the draw. In one semi-final, Denmark avenged their loss to neighbours Sweden in the early part of the tournament, defeating them 12-10. The start of the other semi-final, between Great [...]
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09 May 19 - 20:44

Daily roundup: rain can’t dampen excitement as knockouts start

Today the knockout rounds of every division started, and there were some crackers all over the beach at Praia de Rocha. Let’s not waste any time with a preamble and go right into things, starting with the division that seems to have the most teams that could possibly win the title; Maya, tell us what [...]
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09 May 19 - 18:52

Debutants Luxembourg learning from EBUC experience

There are some nations here with a long history of competing at a high level in global Ultimate – Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Sweden among them – and also countries who’ve been staples at beach tournaments for years, like Spain and Portugal. There is, though, one country who have never attended any kind of [...]
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09 May 19 - 01:38

The Great Grand Master’s Division- The Original Frisbee Fiends

It’s the third day of competition in Portimao and the Great Grand Master’s division’s debut at EBUC is well underway. Today is the penultimate day of the round robin which is to be followed by semis and a final come Friday. During the first two days of the tournament Austria and the Dutch topped this [...]
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09 May 19 - 00:45

The return of Skogs: Sweden reform a championship-winning team

The Swedish men’s masters team has a familiar look about it. For those fans of European Ultimate who remember the heady days of 2010, it’ll be immediately obvious when you see the names on the roster: Sebastian Sporrong, Nicklas Tehler, Anders Dahlberg, Martin Hargeby. For those readers who don’t remember those days, let’s take a [...]
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08 May 19 - 21:24

Daily roundup: knockouts set to start after dramatic end to pools

We said yesterday that it appeared as though Wednesday would be a dramatic day with several things still to be decided in the pools. It certainly lived up to that billing, with some notable games and upsets in several divisions. Maya, what happened with the women’s games we talked about yesterday? Latvia feeling lucky Latvia [...]
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08 May 19 - 01:17

Game review: Switzerland take GB to universe after three-point deficit

The GB and Swiss women’s teams have come into EBUC with completely new rosters following the 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Royan. Only one player across the two teams, Sarina Schenk (SUI), was present at worlds where GB took a bronze medal and Switzerland finished sixth place. Facing each other after having only [...]
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08 May 19 - 01:05

Game review: Great Britain given a real test by Spain

The Great Britain men’s team has had a distinguished recent past. This group has two silver medals from World Championships of Beach Ultimate, finishing behind the USA twice. They have a familiarity as a team since these players have all played together before, most as part of the worlds teams and those who weren’t there [...]
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08 May 19 - 00:20

Game review: France captain fuels big win over Spain

The pools in the mixed division of the European Beach Ultimate Championships were always going to feature some titanic battles with so many good teams. There are as many as seven or eight teams who have a legitimate chance of winning the title so someone had to miss out in the initial round. This game [...]
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07 May 19 - 21:47

Daily roundup: chaotic day sets up blockbuster Wednesday

The first full day of the European Beach Ultimate Championships is in the book, and the outlook of each division is starting to come into focus in some divisions as the best teams asserted their authority today and pulled away from the pack. In others, things are still a bit murky after teams getting close [...]
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07 May 19 - 00:19

Daily roundup: let the games begin

The months of work behind the scenes, the days of preparing every last part of the event, the hours of players training to be ready; it all led to today. The teams paraded into the arena, the tournament organisers and representatives from Portimao gave speeches about how excited everyone was for the event to start, [...]
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07 May 19 - 00:16

Portugal’s Mixed Team Win Their First Game on Home Soil

Kicking off EBUC 2019 in style, Portugal’s mixed team won 13-6 against Czech Republic in the show-game. This was their first game in front of a home crowd, with many members of friends, family, club teams and the Portuguese public watching on the beach or via livestream. All eyes were on them, and they gave [...]
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04 May 19 - 09:59

Come and Play in Portugal!

Hosting the first Beach Ultimate World Championships, in 2004, when the sport had not yet celebrated ten years being played in Portugal, can’t have been easy. But the Portuguese Ultimate community grew all across the country, both in numbers and skills — enough to allow the National Team that played the 2011 Beach Worlds to [...]
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02 May 19 - 15:30

Unrestricted streaming, highlights and content: meet the team bringing the action to you

The development of ultimate around the world has changed the sport in a number of different ways. There has been a proliferation of new tactical approaches and training methods, as well as a much wider interest in the way that the sport interacts with society and deals with emerging social topics. Another area that has [...]
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30 Apr 19 - 09:43

Meet the women leading EBUC

Ultimate on the beach is a bit different to ultimate on grass. Even at top-level tournaments such as Europeans, there’s something more relaxed, more open and more congenial about playing on the beach – even if the competition is just as fierce. It isn’t just the atmosphere that sets beach apart, though. Beach organisers have [...]
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26 Apr 19 - 09:03

The playing schedule is out!

The EBUC2019 playing schedule has been made public. Here is the latest version: v22 (.pdf). During the event always check  
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24 Apr 19 - 11:28

EBUC2019 Song & Video

Song by: Tomas van der Valk | Video by: David Picon
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18 Apr 19 - 12:00

Currier Island – A Geographical Mystery Making Ultimate History

In January 2004, in the midst of organizing the first World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Portugal, Patrick van der Valk, BULA President, received a letter from Minh Le and Ivan Cestero asking to compete, representing a nation called Currier Island. Patrick was initially fooled by the legitimate looking letter from Currier Island’s ‘foreign secretary’ [...]
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12 Apr 19 - 11:05

Let’s have a responsible EBUC2019!

From the very beginning, even before starting to write up the bid to host EBUC, the Portuguese Flying Disc Association (APUDD) and the Tournament Organizing Committee were conscious of the importance of a socially and environmentally responsible event. Throughout this last year, while organizing with the WFDF, BULA, and the local entities, we have all [...]
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05 Apr 19 - 14:15

Pools and format for EBUC 2019 announced

With only 30 days to go until the start of the European Beach Ultimate Championships in Portimão, the format for the tournament has been announced. The schedule will follow soon, but for the first time we have an idea of how the tournament will work. Let’s go through each division and take a look at [...]
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15 Mar 19 - 19:53

European Beach Ultimate Championships: A short preview of the master’s divisions.

Também disponível em Português Earlier this week Sean Colfer considered the men’s, women’s and mixed teams worth looking out for at the upcoming ECBU in Portimao, Portugal. This year’s tournament is particularly exciting as the Great Grand Masters division is debuting at the European games. With this new category, there will be 46 teams competing [...]
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13 Mar 19 - 14:00

Who should you look out for in Portimao? A (very early) primer on men’s, women’s and mixed

Making predictions on what will happen at ECBU 2019 so far out is quite difficult. Teams haven’t been formally submitted yet so it’s somewhat difficult to gauge how much each country is focusing on the beach with so much other ultimate happening this year – grass Europeans, another under-24 championship and the ever-present EUC season [...]
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08 Mar 19 - 12:00

Getting to know Portimão

Last week, we took EBUC fans through the history and potential future of Portuguese Ultimate. This week, we thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at one specific part of the country – Portimao, where we’ll be gathering in May to find out who the best teams in Europe are! [...]
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01 Mar 19 - 12:00

Portuguese Beach Ultimate: then, now, and beyond

Portugal is still a young country in Ultimate terms. The sport was introduced to the country by a reasonably small number of people in 1995, and is still trying to grow to the level of other European countries. Portugal played in the Mixed division at the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London, the [...]
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12 Dec 18 - 18:50

90 Teams from 23 countries to participate at EBUC2019

EBUC2019 is excited to host the 90 teams from 23 Nations currently registered to participate in a total of 8 divisions! At the championship that will take place in Portimão, Portugal on May 6-11 the Mixed division is the largest with 18 teams. This is followed by the Men’s and Master Men’s divisions, tied with [...]
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28 Aug 18 - 10:44

The EBUC2019 Website is live!

The EBUC2019 website is now available online. The site was created by Justin Palmer, the man behind the 2013, 2015, and 2017 World and European Beach Ultimate Championships websites, as well as the website for the inaugural BULA European Beach Ultimate Club Championships in 2018. This means that you can expect easy access to [...]
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31 May 18 - 10:37

#EBUC2019 announced for Portimão, Portugal

The Board of Directors and Beach Ultimate Committee of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) are pleased to announce that the WFDF 2019 European Beach Ultimate Championships, in association with BULA (EBUC 2019) will be held at Praia da Rocha in Portimão Portugal, from Monday 6th May to Saturday 11th May, 2019. Praia da Rocha [...]
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