All Player News

10 May 19 - 20:17

Order of play for tomorrow

The mixed final will start at 11:00, followed by the men’s masters, the women’s, and the men’s finals. For those players unable to see the games in person, all four will be streamed at

The mixed final will pit unbeaten Russia against Germany, with the men’s masters a contest between Spain and Sweden. The women’s final will also feature Spain, who play againsy Russia, and the men’s final will see the undefeated Great Britain side take on Russia who are aiming for a clean sweep of the three age unrestricted divisions.

10 May 19 - 15:30

Party and Trade Night at Katedral Club- 9pm

The party and trade night will be at Katedral Club tonight. It will start at 9pm. Please bring ID as well as your tickets for a free drink. The tickets were given to you in your player packs. Katedral Club can be found on the map in the event guide. Enjoy!

10 May 19 - 15:24

Team Captains- Please go to HQ Tent

Please can team captains go to the HQ tent to collect their disc clips gift.

10 May 19 - 13:28

Sale at VC!

VC are currently having a sale! Any two items bought on the sale racks come with a free pair of shorts.

10 May 19 - 10:20

Preparing for finals

Team and spirit captains that are involved in Finals and Medal Ceremonies today and tomorrow should please report to the tournament technical director at or near the media booth on the Arena Field one hour prior to your divisions’ final match.

09 May 19 - 22:33

IMPORTANT: schedule changes

There is a field change in round one tomorrow.

The 11-13 game in the men’s division between Italy and Currier Island will take place on Field 14.

The semi-final in the women’s division between Latvia and Spain will take place on Field 9.

09 May 19 - 19:29

Did you find black a Portugal shirt?

Has anyone found Portugal #13 black shirt belonging to Mixed team player Pedro Vargas? If so, please return to lost & found

09 May 19 - 07:20

IMPORTANT: Schedule changes in effect

The tournament direction has moved the games that were scheduled on Field 2 to other open fields. In addition, to accommodate the best broadcast coverage, other schedule changes have been implemented as well. This all is reflected in the schedule you can access on this newsfeed as well as where you will immediately notice the absence of games on Field 2.

Any game can be affected, so check when you play and a where.

08 May 19 - 21:21

IMPORTANT: upcoming schedule changes

Changes are being made to tomorrow’s schedule to facilitate streaming. These changes will be confirmed shortly and will be put online as soon as possible. Please check the website later today.

08 May 19 - 20:26

Please return game discs

Please can any teams who have picked up game discs return them. We are missing some discs.

08 May 19 - 17:24

REMINDER: sunset party this evening

All event participants are reminded that the sunset party is this evening! Mik Menguci will be live at the venue – NoSolo Agua, near the eastern end of the boardwalk – from 18:00.

08 May 19 - 17:22

Lifeguard areas

Can all players ensure that they do not put their belongings or equipment in or on the lifeguard equipment at the beach.

07 May 19 - 21:36

Sunset party tomorrow!

The sunset party for all players starts at 17:30 tomorrow at NoSolo. All the details are in the event handbook that was in the player pack – see you tomorrow for some beach fun!

07 May 19 - 19:25

Toilets and boardwalk

Public urination is NOT permitted anywhere on the tournament area. All players and event participants are reminded that the beach is also a public area, and that spirit of the game extends to respect for the venue, the spectators and everyone else using the beach. Facilities are available adjacent to the boardwalk and next to Field 2. Please use them.

Additionally, players should bear in mind that other people are using boardwalks and so should not block them. Please don’t sit on the boardwalks towards the sea, and please leave space on the main boardwalk for non-tournament beach users.

07 May 19 - 14:42

Grandmaster mens R2 schedule correction

The grandmaster mens R2 schedule which was online this morning has/is being corrected to reflect the official schedule.

07 May 19 - 14:05

Disc Donation

For anyone who would like to donate discs, the disc donation box is in the Staff Tent.

07 May 19 - 14:02

Medical staff please report to the official medical tent

For all teams with medical staff, please can one member of the medical team report to the official medical tent and introduce themselves to Dr. Nuno.

07 May 19 - 13:57

Lost Property

The lost property box is in the volunteer side of the staff tent. High value items will not be put in this box. They will be held by a member of staff.

07 May 19 - 11:17

VC tent now has your orders

Any players who made an order at the VC tent yesterday can pick it up today. The issue with the card machines is also resolved so you can now pay using cards.

07 May 19 - 01:42

Physio available at the medical tent

For your physio needs, just go to the medical tent close to field 2. There are licensed physiotherapists that can help you with your pains and muscles!

07 May 19 - 01:40

VC tent open 9-5

The VC tent will be open today from 9-5

07 May 19 - 01:35

Game and Spirit scores are online again

On the opening day we had an overwhelming interest in what you are doing. As a result the server and database got overloaded and went down, not allowing anyone to see scores. We updated the server and now all is good again and we can deal with much more traffic. The score and spirit scores can now be accessed. The player stats will be entered manually throughout the day and we hope to have it all entered by the end of Tuesday. Apologies for the inconvenience.

06 May 19 - 17:28

Player lunch collection.

Lunch will be available for collection from 11:30 every day in the players’ tent. There is still food left over from today. Any food that is not collected will be sent to a nearby donkey farm (but don’t worry they have other food if you eat all yours).

06 May 19 - 11:18

Parade and late registration

All players should be at the muster point at Casalinho in full kit for 11.15 for the parade, which will start at around 12:00! Late registration will be at the main tent near the arena, starting from 13:30 to 16:00.

06 May 19 - 09:30

Wifi passwords

To use the wifi at the player tent, connect to ebuc and use ebucptm19 as password

05 May 19 - 23:02

Registration tomorrow morning

Registration continues tomorrow morning for all players at Hotel Jupiter, between 07:00 and 11:00 in the Laranjeira room. Make sure you get there!

05 May 19 - 19:47

Welcome Party Now

The welcome party is happening now. It is on the arena side of the beach across the cement walkway, walking East. The bar called NoSolo agua

05 May 19 - 14:54

Registration starts today!

Players and team leaders, please be aware that registration starts today from 14:00 in the Laranjeira room at Hotel Jupiter.

03 May 19 - 22:44

Double check fields for junk!

For teams practicing on fields on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, please double check for junk. Especially pieces of wood, a few centimeters under the sand. Usually leftover from the wooden walkways you see. Those are moved throughout the season and can leave pieces behind. The organization is looking for junk too. Having many extra pairs of eyes helps a lot. Thank you for your consideration.

03 May 19 - 13:37

Changes to field locations

We had to slightly adjust the field locations. Have a look: (always available through the menu as well)

This did not affect the playing schedule.

03 May 19 - 09:57

Don’t forget all paperwork for registration!

When you register your team on Sunday or Monday, don’t forget to bring for the whole team:

1. All WFDF Event Participant Agreements (waiver of liability)

Signed by EVERY event participant, Player & Non-­‐Player & U18 kids MUST be original ONLY the signature sheet is required (it is a 2-page doc) print double-sided if possible Minors will need to have a parent or custodian SIGN the document for it to be valid

2. All Anti-­‐Doping – Acknowledgements and Agreements (link)

Signed by all players, coaches/medical staff. This must be original

3. Proof of completion of the Anti-­‐Doping online education tool

Every player, coach and medical staff must provide a copy of their certificate or diploma

4. Proof of completion of the WFDF Rules online accreditation quiz – current for 2019

Every player must provide a certificate

Please order/sort the paperwork for all PLAYERS alphabetically A-­‐Z by FIRST NAME followed by any non-­‐playing team support alphabetically at the end and bring with you to Jupiter Hotel. This means, please put the documents as follows.

A – Abby, Aligator PLAYER (1. Waiver, 2. Anti-­‐Doping Declaration, 3. Certificate of Real Winner education, Rule Accreditation Certificate) B -­‐ Bugs, Bunny PLAYER (1. Waiver, 2. Anti-­‐Doping Declaration, 3. Certificate of Real Winner education, Rule Accreditation Certificate)) Z – Zahra, Zebra PLAYER (1. Waiver, 2. Anti-­‐Doping Declaration, 3. Certificate of Real Winner education, Rule Accreditation Certificate)) A – Allison, Ant NON PLAYER (1. Waiver) C -­‐ Callie, Cat NON PLAYER/ COACH (1. Waiver,2. Anti-­‐Doping Declaration, 3. Certificate Real Winner ed.)

Remember there is a slight difference between Players and Non-­‐Players (guests). Players will be officially rostered and allowed to take the field. Non­‐Players include team support coming to the event who have paid the Guest Fee and any U18 kids and babysitters you have identified. Spectators who are not part of your team DO NOT have to fill anything out. Four (4) documents are required per player and for any competition related guests (Coaches and Medical staff) and just one (1) document is required for any non­‐playing team support members (admin, assistants, managers and kids). It is critical that each person from the WHOLE TEAM ­‐ Players and Non-­‐Players supply the right document/s. Accreditation will not be issued if the ORIGINAL document is not supplied during registration in Portugal.

28 Apr 19 - 15:12

Minor updates to schedule

After the initial release on April 26,  few minor errors were found in the schedule, and corrected on April 28:

On Tuesday, the second round Mixed games at 14:20 were the same as at 17:50. The games at 14:20 have been updated to show the correct round On Thursday at 10:50, Field 4 is “MMIX M: B3 vs A4”, not “MMIX U: B3 vs A4” Any reference to GGRDM has been changed to GGMM

You can find the updated .pdf here.

Mind you, and always carry the official schedules.